Where are funds for the ABC Plan coming from?

The ABC Plan is looking for funding sources. 

What is the ABC Plan?

Initially, to restore A Billion Clams to the Charlotte Harbor Estuary, utilizing natural clam bed forming techniques developed by commercial aquaculture.  

Why Clams?

Clams naturally filter the water. A one year old clam will filter 4-5 gallons of water a day. 

Are there clams out in the water already?

100 years ago the coast was covered in clams. Today you would be hard pressed to find one. Due to over fishing in the past, their numbers just cannot compete with the natural predators. 

How do you stop the predators?

We have developed environmentally neutral predator prevention techniques. It doesn’t harm the predators and the clams stay safe.

Can I fish over the clam beds?

Absolutely! Clam beds naturally harbor juvenile fish and crabs. No anchors or power poles please. 

How long will the clam beds need to be protected?

The clam beds will have to be tended for 3 years. After 3 years the training wheels come off, leaving behind nothing but a natural, mature clam bed. 

Will you be using a native species of clam?

Absolutely, they are the only ones that can deal with the Florida heat.  (Mercenaria campechiensis)

Will the clam beds propagate?

Yes! The clams are capable of recruitment toward the end of their first year. 

How long will the clam beds live?

If left undisturbed, the clam beds can continue on indefinitely. Individually, clams have a 22 year lifespan. 

Will these clams ever be harvested?

No, their sole purpose is to grow, multiply and clean our water.

Do clams eat red tide?

Yes! Red tide is an algae and clams love algae.